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Dive into some of our new 2024 lookbooks and discover the future of medical uniforms!

Medical Uniforms NZ is proud to present the newest offerings in 2024 from three of the biggest brands in medical apparel. Each  brings its unique blend of style, comfort, and functionality to the table, ensuring you're equipped with the best.

Remember that Cherokee, Infinity, and Dickies are just a glimpse of what we offer at Medical Uniforms NZ.

We have a diverse range of collections to suit every style and need.
If you're looking for something specific, please don't hesitate to ask.
We're here to help you find the perfect fit for your professional wardrobe.

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Cherokee Medical Uniforms - Medical Scrubs, Nurses Uniforms


Discover the latest trends and timeless designs in the Cherokee 2024 Collection. Known for their exceptional comfort and durability, Cherokee uniforms are a staple in any healthcare professional's wardrobe.

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Cherokee Workwear Ultra | Medical Uniforms NZ


Cherokee Workwear Originals Ultra raises the bar for quality, colorconsistency, and value. Our reimagined new line has soft, stretchy fabric,an inclusive size and color range, and features designed for today’s tech andtools. This Protected Product is perfect for groups and anyone lookingfor an ultra-amazing value from a brand they can trust.

Cherokee Workwear Ultra | Medical Uniforms NZ


Infinity's 2024 Collection is all about modern aesthetics and advanced fabric technology. Perfect for those who want to make a statement while enjoying superior comfort.

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Infinity Medical Uniforms Nurse Scrubs
Dickies Medical Uniforms Nursing Scrubs


Step into the future with Dickies Medical Uniforms 2024 Collection. Experience the perfect mix of traditional quality and innovative designs tailored for the dynamic needs of healthcare professionals.

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Discover the perfect fit and style for your team with Medical Uniforms NZ's Sample Service.

We understand the importance of comfort and confidence in healthcare apparel, which is why we offer a hands-on trial of our diverse range. Choose from a wide selection of sizes and styles, try them out in your actual work environment, and make an informed decision with ease.

Our Sample Service is designed to simplify your uniform selection process, ensuring your team looks and feels their best. Experience our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction firsthand.

Learn more about our Sample Service and take the first step towards outfitting your team with the best in medical apparel.

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At Medical Uniforms NZ, we specialize in outfitting healthcare teams with uniforms that blend style, comfort, and functionality.

Understanding that each team has unique needs, we offer personalized consultations to help you navigate through our extensive range of high-quality medical apparel. From selecting the right styles and sizes to coordinating colors and features, our experienced team is dedicated to finding the perfect solution for your group.

Whether you're a small clinic or a large hospital, we've got you covered with uniforms that your team will be proud to wear. Discover how we can assist in outfitting your healthcare team.

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