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The 5 Best 2023 Fashion Trends in Scrubs

The Best 5 Fashion Trends in Nurse Scrub and Medical Uniforms

Let's dive into the world of nurse scrubs fashion, where comfort meets style and functionality.  Here at Medical Uniforms NZ we live and breathe medical uniforms every day.

Do you want to look good and feel amazing? Well, say goodbye to boring scrubs, because 2023 is all about standing out in the crowd! From bold colours, eco-friendly and sustainable materials to modern designs and patterns, we've got something for everyone.

So, put on your fashionista hat and get ready to shop the latest and greatest in scrubs fashion.

Trend #1: Eco-friendly and Sustainable Materials

Mediclo believes in creating scrubs that are not only functional and fashionable but also sustainable.

Their trendy scrubs are crafted from Tencel™ blend fabric, a combination of 67% Tencel™, 30% recycled polyester, and 3% spandex. Tencel™ is a fiber that is made from the wood chips of responsibly harvested trees, which go through a closed-loop process that uses less water and energy, and 99% of the solvent is recovered, purified, and reused.

Mediclo are committed to being responsible stewards of the environment.They’ve teamed up with ONE TREE PLANTED, a non-profit organization dedicated to global reforestation, as a way to offset their carbon footprint and promote sustainability in their business.

Mediclo have a One-Tree-Per-Order Pledge which we love! You can feel good about your fashion choices and do your part in protecting the environment.

Mediclo Sales Essential Nurses scub top in Sunflower.  Made with Eco-friendly sustainable FYSEL fabric with a v-neck, chest pocket and can be worn out or tucked in.
Mediclo Womens Medical scrub top.  It has a capri collar, chest pocket and is made with eco-friendly sustainable FYSEL fabric.

Mediclo FYSEL® Sal Essential Scrub Top
in Sunflower
Available in 9 great colours

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Mediclo Capri Collared Scrub Top
in Heather Grey
Also available in Sunflower

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Trend #2: Bold Colours

Fashion runways are saturated with the colours Viva Magenta, Earthy Oranges, Olive Greens, Feminine Pink, Tranquil Blues, Yellow and Creige (a milky combo of cream and beige).

Research suggests that the colors we wear can have an impact on our mood, behavior, and stress levels, and on the way people respond to us.

According to color specialist Leatrice Eiseman, the way colors affect us is related to their behavior in nature. For example, skies are blue which can be associated with being outside as a child playing. Eiseman has conducted research by surveying thousands of individuals about their perceptions of specific colors and has discovered patterns in their responses.

What colours you are wearing for your nursing uniforms?
 What do they say about you? Leave us some thoughts below.

Colours and how they effect your mood.  For example, Viva Magenta is associated with passion, aggression and being strong.  Earthy Orange with Energy, Fun and Warmth. What is the colour of your mood?
Nurse scrub top from the Infinity Cherokee range in Frosted Rose Heather. Round neck, rib-inset at front, shoulder yokes, front and back princess seams.
Healing Hands Jorney Camo Nurses Top Style 2352. Colour olive green. Has a mandarin collar with half placket along with a back yoke and pleat for a modern fit.
Nurse scrub top by FIGS style Rafaela in Raspberry Sorbet. It has a mandarin collar, shirt tail hem, 3 pockets and is made from 4-way stretch fabric.

Infinity Cherokee
Round Neck Top 2624A
Available in 3 colours

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Healing Hands Journey
Camo Top 2352
Available in 5 colours

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FIGS Rafaela Oversized
Scrub Top
Available in 6 colours

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Trend #3: Sleek and Simple

Classic sleek and simple nursing uniforms with lots of pockets remained in fashion for a number of reasons. Yes, they are functional and practical but simple design allows for ease of movement and quick access to pockets and equipment. Additionally, the use of neutral colors and minimal design helps to maintain a professional and clean appearance and can help identify medical staff in a hospital or clinical setting.

Regardless of what nursing uniform styles you choose it’s essential to select scrubs that are comfortable to move in and provide enough pockets to hold all your necessary tools and equipment.

Nurse scrub top Infinity by Cherokee style CK623A.  Has rib-knit waist insets stretchy rib-knit panels at the back for a slenderizing effect
Nurse scrub top in colour Olive by Cherokee WW Revolution. It's a mock wrap with front yokes and back princess seams and side vents.

Infinity V-Neck Top CK623A
Available in 5 colours

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WW Revolution Mock Wrap Top WW610
Available in 11 colours

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Trend #4: Joggers

The aim of the game with joggers are movement! They are more comfortable to move in compared to traditional fitting scrub pants.

Joggers made of a more flexible and stretchy high tech fabric and have a looser fit around the leg, which allows for more room to move.  Often they have a drawstring or elastic waistband, which allows for a more personalized fit and better comfort. This can be particularly beneficial for nurses who are constantly bending and moving around, as it can help to keep the pants in place and reduce the need for constant adjustments.

Jogger are all about movement and high tech comfort all wrapped up in style.

Nurse Scrub Pants Dickies EDS Essentials Mid Rise Joggers made from poly/spandex for extra comfort and movement
Nurse scrub pants Healing Hands Tara Pants Purple label collection made with superior polyester-rayon-spandex stretch fabric blend.
Nurse scrub pants by ADAR Pro. Skinny leg yoga scrub pant made from high performance twill, polyester, rayon, spandex.  With a tailored fit.

Dickies Essential Jogger DK065
Available in 11 colours

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Helping Hands
Tara Pants 9233
Available in 15 colours

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ADAR Yoga Scrub Pants
in Heather Rose
Available in 14 colours

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Trend #5: Pockets for Technology

Nursing scrubs have more pockets than ever before to accommodate tools, equipment and technology, like tablets and phones with medical apps.

Did you know a study of healthcare professionals found that 91% possessed a smartphone and 88%, utilized their mobile devices frequently in the clinical setting

Scrub and medical uniforms designers and manufacturers have been listening! There are more design and styles available today with extra pockets, while checking the scrubs still allowing freedom to move around.

Here are our customer favourites!

Healing Hands Juliet Yoga Scrub top for women has 2 deep pockets for lots of tools and equipment.  It's made with a poly-rayon-spandex fabric blend with is lightweight, soft and breathable.
Dickies Dynamix Nurse Scrub Top is made from a high tech poly-spandex fabric blend contructed in a lightweight dobby fabric.  It has lots of pockets to fit all those nursing tools and tech. It is designed to be form flattering, comfort and maximum and durability.

Healing Hands Juliet Top 2245
Available in 14 colours

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Dickies Dynamix Scrub Top DK730
Available in 14 colours

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FAQ on Choosing the Right Colour and Style of Nursing Scrubs

What should I consider when choosing the right color of nursing scrubs?

The color of your medical uniform can have an impact on both the you and your patients. Black can denote authority, pink can be nurturing, nutural colours can be calming.  Pick a colour that makes you, or your team, feel good.  Make sure the colour suits all the members of your team.

What should I consider when choosing the style of nursing scrubs?

When choosing the style of your nursing scrubs, you should consider the fit and how they look professionally.  You'll need medical uniforms that that allow for easy movement, but you don't want to wear something boxy and unflattering.  If you're fitting a team, allow for different body types as they may require different styles of uniforms.

What should I consider when choosing the fabric of nursing scrubs?

Fabric, fabric, fabric.  This will make the biggest different in the longivity and durability of your nursing uniforms.  Some fabrics may be more breathable and comfortable than others. It's important to consider the specific needs of what you do, and your practice when choosing the fabric of nursing scrubs.  Get recommendations from others in your same line of work.

What should I consider when checking for features of the scrubs, like pockets, flexibility of movement?

You should certainly consider the specific needs of your practice and the tasks you'll be performing while wearing your nursing uniforms. Pockets can be useful for holding medical instruments, while flexibility of movement can be important for performing certain tasks. Additionally, you should consider the size and durability of the pockets and the flexibility of the fabric.

How can I ensure that the nursing scrubs will fit well on different body types?

To find the right styles work with a medical uniform professional.  They can provide samples, and help you fit your team.  This means you can really see how a specific style looks on different team members.

Our team at Medical Uniforms NZ provide a wide range of services New Zealand wide, and we're happy to offer advice with your nursing uniform selection so you get the right style, fit and comfort for you and your team.

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