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      Customize Your Gear

      Embroidery is the go-to technique to showcase you,  your brand and business.  It instantly adds a professional touch and makes a statement.

      An embroidery can be as simple as a name, or a complex image.  Our experienced team can guide you to make the right choice to get a great result.

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      We partner with New Zealand's top monogramming company, who have highly-skilled staff and state-of-the-art equipment. 

      With our combined teams vast experience with healthcare industry requirements, your brand is in good hands.  We can offer expert advice and a complete end-to-end service to get things right for you.

      Designs can be names, abstract images or company logos.  These are converted into stitches which create the embroidery.

      How much does it cost?

      Embroidery costs vary from design to design.  The costs are based on how many stitches are in the design and how many items you're going to have that embroidery applied to.  

      The more stitches, the longer it takes to stitch and trim the design.  The more items you monogram, the more efficient the embroidery team can be.

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      Top Tips for Embroidery Design 

      Keep colours to the minimum

      Have 3-4 colours at the most.

      This will keep your design looking crisp and clean.

      Think about size and placement

      Is your design going on a hat, a top, a sleeve, a bag...?

      Where you place your design will determine the size. An overly detailed design will not translate to a small embroidery. 

      Avoid small tag lines

      Often small tag lines don't read well when stitched, unless they are 2-3 words.

      Again, it depends on the size of your design and where you are placing it.

      Pantone colours are for ink processes

      Thread colours are not based on Pantone Ink colours.  

      We will always match thread colours as close as possible, but they will not be an exact match.

      Curvy designs means go bigger

      If your design has lots of rounded edges, then make sure it's on the larger size.

      Stitching isn't like printing something on your printer.  The needles have to create the curve with stitches.

      Watch your placement

      Make sure you place your design
      where it will be seen.

      Think about how the garment is worn.  Do people place things in pockets which would cover up the embroidery?  Do they wear something over their top, so an embroidery on the sleeve won't be seen?


      Have more questions, talk to us +64 9 889 0245  - hello@medicaluniforms.co.nz