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      Caring is in the Fabric of our DNA

      Each product line we carry here at MUNZ is very carefully chosen.  We do the research so you can have confidence in the look, feel, function and even in the vibe of your choice.

      As healthcare professionals ourselves, we know how tough every shift is and that the smallest positive detail can make it better. And it all starts with the fabrics.

      Sometimes, you just want something proven. Careismatic Brands is a leader in uniforms since 1995. They pride themselves on sustainable design and manufacturing.

      And no wonder: their top-notch team of designers has a proven track record of creating any fabric you can think of, be it eco-friendly, antimicrobial, or fluid barrier focus. Care is quality.

      We literally could spend infinity singing the praises of our friends at Cherokee.

      Don’t you love that super comfortable Infinity four-way stretch poplin? It’s composed of a fine and smooth polyester filament known for strength, durability, and a soft, wrinkle-resistant surface. They even use a special dye-solution to give the fabric its famous colour intensity with great retention through many washes. And the fabric’s wicking technology makes moisture absorption and perspiration reduction easy — keeping you cool, comfortable, and dry all day/night long. Best of both worlds?

      Certainty ™ antimicrobial fabric technology (proven to reduce odour-causing bacteria) has been added to all Infinity garments in solid colours.

      In a hospital, things get through. Nasty things. Wet things. Things that can make you sick. So if you want to have certainty that you’re coming home clean and dry, this fabric’s antimicrobial and fluid-barrier technologies are integrated into our scrubs, lab coats, footwear, laundry bags, and consumer grade face coverings for children and adults.

      If you want to get technical, Certainty’s antimicrobial technology uses ProTx-2 to minimize the growth of odor-causing and fabric-destroying bacteria, plus Resists Spills from Nanotex for fluids to simply bead up and roll off the fabric (bye bye stains and spills).

      Cherokee Medical Uniforms are built to last year after year.

      Fabric technologies include durable poplins,  two-way stretch, colour retention, and easy-care properties.  Cherokee Medical Uniforms Rayon-Spandex mix fabrics (which have soft and moisture-absorbing natural cellulose fibre) are made for easy of movement.  This is the comfort revolution.

      Want something strong and durable, with no nonsense? Dickies Medical has you covered.

      Dickies stylist designs are made from durable fabrics which are both strong and soft to the touch. Their four-way stretch spandex fabrics adds to the wearers comfort along with a nice drape. And Dickies unique soft texture dobby engineered fabrics with moisture control to keep you feeling cool, dry, and light. Plus, you’ll find the multi-directional stretch in poly spandex strong, durable, and wrinkle resistant.

      Here at Medical Uniforms NZ we use our industry experience to find the best choices for you.