Medical Uniforms NZ - Dec 9 2021

Working over the Festive break?
 Here’s how to make the best of it.

Of course, you want to spend the holiday break at the beach with your whānau. But if you drew the short straw of the Christmas or new years shifts, duty calls. Knowing that you’re saving (and healing) lives helps a bit with that holiday spirit, but there are ways to make your holiday shift a little more fun too. 

Bring it to work

Nobody said that holiday cheer at work is illegal. Wear Christmas-y decorations or socks. Put up a few garlands by your workstation. Or go beyond and have some fun with coworkers. The easiest is to exchange holiday cards and messages of appreciation for each other. But you can also do Secret Santa or a White Elephant type of gift exchange. Make your work whanau feel loved. You can do a potluck dinner or order in (there is a certain bakery in Auckland that always makes something special for the holidays).

Dates shmates

Holiday shifts, much like medical emergencies, sometimes just happen, while holidays are always set for specific dates. Then again, you’re trained to be flexible. Would Christmas be any less special if done on the 23rd? Does seeing your whole whānau splashing around those warm beach waters on January 2nd any less exciting? Memories are made whenever you can make them. Looking at those photos with a huge smile 5 years from now, you won’t even remember if it was a day early or late

NO is a hidden YES

A few small “no”s can open a way to a big “yes.” Maybe scale back on some personal obligations. Or clear your schedule a bit so you can rest before and after the busy shift. Coming into work well-rested and then knowing you only have relaxation and family fun afterwards will help the hours fly by. You don’t want to worry about laundry, bills, etc. — none of that is helpful for a holiday spirit

Be the North Star

The uniqueness of your job is that, no matter how sad you may be working the holiday shift, your patients have it worse. So lift your spirits and theirs by making their stay a little more cheerful. It can be as simple as smiling or asking them about their family, what they’re excited about, what they would ask Santa, etc. The thanks you will get from them will make you feel like a holiday angel and send you home with the glow of joy.

Break into cheer

Got a break and a bit of time on your hands? Sure, that rarely happens on busy shifts, but if it does — why not Zoom with a family member or a friend? A little surprise call can give both of you energy and cheer. Whatever you do to make the holiday shift feel quicker and more joyous, make sure you have comfy and fun scrubs to brighten your day. Thank you for your service to those who need it most. And Happy Holidays!!!