Medical Uniforms NZ - July 2022

Polyester is actually pretty cool

There has been a lot of attention on “100% cotton” clothing and avoidance of polyester for years now. Sure, cotton is natural, soft and has other good qualities, polyester is actually a material with so many advantages it may deserve the spotlight more than cotton. Here are just a few of them:

Blocks fungi, mould, and bacteria

Polyester absorbs less moisture and thus helps repel fungi, mould, and bacteria. This helps reduce bad odours too, a double win! Especially for healthcare workers, this health benefit of polyester is a big one.

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Keeping in shape

Because of its high elasticity, polyester doesn’t lose its shape. So all the stretching or shrinkage of other fabrics is much less of a concern here. Its recovery capacity is so great that polyester is the ultimate anti-wrinkle material. Because, let’s face it, nobody likes ironing out the wrinkles every day.

Blending in

Polyester may just be the most versatile of fabrics. It blends perfectly well with seemingly every other material. This way, you can have the best qualities of each other material while holding it all together with the elastic, lightweight, and reliable polyester.

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Lightweight yet Durable

What titanium did for airplane construction, polyester did for clothing. It is one of those supermaterials that’s both lightweight and durable. This is perfect to keep your movement light and your clothing breathable.

Color safe

Polyester loves colour. Because it absorbs dyes better, polyester can keep those bright colors shining longer and brighter (like this Teal Ladies Infinity Top or these wine-colored pants). Yay, color!.
 So when you’re in your favorite scrub and feeling comfy, looking great, and not worried about mould, you have polyester to thank. With its durability profile, this fabric can take the compliment.