Medical Uniforms NZ - Nov 10 2021

Compression Stockings
The Secret Weapon for a Nurse’s Comfort

You’re on your feet all day, and it’s never an easy day. Just walking from bed to bed and patient to patient takes a huge toll on your feet in both fatigue and longer-term health issues. You, of course, feel the soreness, pain, and fatigue right away. And then come spider and varicose veins, not to mention swelling. Luckily there is a simple solution from something you already wear anyway: socks/stockings. 

Getting up on the right foot

For all of us, our feet are at their smallest at the beginning of the day. Then they swell up. With age, they swell up more. And for nurses, they swell up a lot (the job takes its toll). So the primary goal of compression stockings is to keep your feet how they naturally are in the morning. 

Like a marathon

Nurses may not get gold medals, but they have a lot in common with athletes. Just like runners, nurses need their leg muscles protected during their shift and rested after it. That’s why many nurses wear compression stockings or socks even at home. 

How compression socks help you

Compression socks put pressure on veins to reduce blood build-up — helping you avoid varicose veins. Instead, blood circulates better, reducing the leg fatigue that plagues nurses so much. Nurses are very familiar with the nagging pain in ankles and feet. Luckily, it can be greatly reduced by compression socks. These socks or stockings force the blood to flow upward, reducing swelling in the process. 

What to look for in your compression stockings

Look for stockings that make our work easier and more comfortable (and less painful, of course). Specifically, pay attention to softness, breathability, and even moisture-wicking properties of the compression stockings you’re considering purchasing. These qualities will help prevent blisters, soreness, and keep your feet dry.

Do your feet hurt on and/or off your shift? Take a look at the available compression stockings and feel the difference for yourself.